For international customers

Are you are expanding to Germany and need support in setting up your business? We can help you understand the local market and start your operations or deliveries. To successfully enter a new market you need to convince potential customers of your capability to deliver  reliably, on-time – while also at a profit. We can help your company enter the German market. We help you set up your operations and logistics, with a view to reducing your lead-times and costs. Interested? Contact us.

For Wholesale: Project examples

  • Set-up warehouse/logistics in Germany, customized to your product
  • Identify production/assembly partners in low-cost areas of Germany where possible
  • Configure IT to reduce delivery times and enable forecasting

For Retail: Project examples

  • Identify logistics partners for your products in order to reduce costs and lead-times
  • Establish your own local warehouse/production/assembly
  • Find production/assembly partners for final assembly or quality inspection after transport
  • Organize returns/repair of damaged goods

For Online-Businesses: Project examples

  • Expand your business by finding suitable logistics partners 
  • Establish your own warehouse/logistics in Germany
  • Organize returns and repair of damaged goods 
  • Find suitable online retailers/partners/cross-marketing for your line of products